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“Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved”

My name is Neeraj Kapoor, 37 years old working as an IT professional and internet learner. My funda for life is to learn and grow together. I am a B.Tech. graduate and I started my professional journey in 2005 in the Sales and Marketing field. With changing time, I came across several career opportunities that helped me in scaling and learning in every leap. I am doing Internet and Digital Marketing for the past three years now, and what I learned so far in this field is "it’s not easy to make money online, but it’s not difficult either.” One just needs to learn the basics and to have a doer attitude to crack it.

There is too much to share and too much to learn. Let's connect.

They Say

Sumit Awasthi

Online Business Owner

With a knowledge of Internet, I am able to take my business online. I am sure to increase my revenue 3X in this year. Big thanks to Neeraj.

Gagan Doshi

Internet Entrepreneur

Hi Sir, thanks for your help and support provided to me. Now I feel confident to take up my digital marketing knowledge to full time profession.

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