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Is Instagram the Ultimate Side Hustle?

 May 12, 2020

By  Neeraj Kapoor

Yes, your curiosity will be settled after reading this post. I will be revealing how you can make your Instagram - The Ultimate Side Hustle for you.

Do you know more than 500 million users are using Instagram on the daily basis? 

You can imagine how significant the market is on Instagram. Now the question arrives at how we can get benefits of that and how we could earn money from instagram by doing side hustle.

So let me explain to you in some steps how you can start creating content and monetize your instagram account.

  • First, you can start an instagram page according to your interested niche on which you never get bored or run out of content. 
  • You can Start with Fitness/Motivation/ Sports/Fashion related pages, which you're more passionate about.
  • Now it's time to take action and implementation.

Work for 2 hours daily with consistency when you return from your works/ study, etc..

Now start learning about your niche get updated every time to create content as a post/videos and share it on your page. 

  • After learning and sharing the value, it is essential to interact with your audience. Try to understand their needs and questions, and then create content on that particular query by doing so you will never get run out of content.
  • Now keep doing this with consistency, less than a couple of years you will start Earning from your page.

Yes, yes, don't worry, I'm explaining to you "HOW." 

  • After Hustling for a long time, it is pretty sure that you will gain your followers on the considerable amount if you share valuable content. 
    Now you can start earning by providing them services according to your niche...
  • Let's say you have created a fitness page, and now you have 50k followers on Instagram. You can provide service to them as a consultant, or you can sell your courses, eBook to them, you can do shout out of other accounts, products...

And the very profitable and Amazing way.. you can sell them products by doing Affiliate Marketing. Similarly, you can do with all niche( feel free to reach me to ask about your niche, how you can start)

I hope you like it and works towards making your Instagram - The Ultimate Side Hustle. Do share this articles with your friends too.

Neeraj Kapoor

Hey! I am Neeraj Kapoor` – IT Professional, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Blogger, and big-time Foodie. I have been blogging for the last 3 years, the idea behind blogging is to share information and knowledge, which helps people to pursue their dreams and get learning. To know more about me, kindly visit the section "About ME."

Neeraj Kapoor

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